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Enjabulweni School - A Place of Happiness

Enjabulweni, meaning “Place of Happiness”, is just that. It is a school where every child has the opportunity to be happy, healthy and safe.

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Enjabulweni School and COVID-19 Announcement


The Zulu say ‘Yiz’ uvalo, inqobo yisibindi’- loosely translated, ‘It is not fear, but courage that is important.’ The Enjabulweni community has impressed with its courage during these Covid-19 times. We have bandied together and worked for the good of all our learners, from Grade 0 right up to Grade 12.

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Our aim is for all students to make excellent academic progress, to engage fully in school life.

Enjabulweni High Phase

Education is a three-way partnership between parent, child and teacher. Communication and understanding is vital in establishing this partnership in a manner beneficial to all concerned.



Enjabulweni strives to create an environment where every pupil has the potential to be successful at whatever she or he puts efforts into.

Diverse Learning

Diverse Learning

The school is fully equipped and offers a curriculum that accommodates the diverse learning styles of our learners.

Our Campus

Our Campus

The campus incorporates a wild life sanctuary and offers a tranquil atmosphere that is conducive to proactive learning.

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Enjabulweni is a school where every child has the opportunity to be happy, healthy and safe.

Community Services

Community Services

Community service and awareness have always played a major part at Enjabulweni for staff and pupils we and are proud of the many projects run at the school to assist numerous people and projects regularly receiving assistance from the Enjabulweni school community.

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