Enjabulweni School

Enjabulweni, meaning “Place of Happiness”, is just that. It is a school where every child has the opportunity to be happy, healthy and safe. All children find themselves in a caring and disciplined environment where quality education takes place, ably led by excellent teachers.

Pupils are challenged to develop not only their educational skills, but also to develop their social and sporting skills in the many opportunities that are on offer during the daily school programme.

Community service and awareness have always played a major part at Enjabulweni for staff and pupils – we are proud of the many projects run at the school to assist numerous people and projects from the Enjabulweni school community.

Enjabulweni strives to create an environment where every pupil has the potential to be successful at whatever she or he does. We encourage a strong work ethic thus allowing them to become confident and successful as they negotiate their path through life.

We acknowledge that none of the above would be possible if we did not recognise the major influence that God plays in allowing Enjabulweni to be a happy, healthy, disciplined school producing successful and confident pupils.

The content of the web site will give you a good understanding of the
operational aspects of the school and what we have to offer, but to get a real feeling, we invite you to spend some time visiting us to soak up the atmosphere of a wonderful school situated in the heart of Swaziland.

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